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Clothing Products Packaging

E-Commerce Solutions

We offer Simple and Advanced solutions for the online sale of printed goods.

Please read below to learn more about these options and schedule a tour today.

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Simple Stores

Our simple stores are designed to be quick and easy solutions to aid in the presale of printed garments.

These stores are made available for a limited amount of time, then closed in time for production.

For example, this option provides a centralized ordering system for a coach to allow players and parents to acquire uniforms and other items prior to the season.

You may freely browse a demo of this option HERE

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Advanced Solutions

In addition, we also provide more advanced e-commerce solutions for those with higher volume and requiring year-round availability for continuous production.

These online stores have a powerful back-end dashboard accessible by select members of your organization. This access is determined by "Account Roles". 

For example, this option allows health-care employees to order their embroidered uniforms using payroll deduction - pending management approval.

You may register a free account on our Advanced Demo Store as an "Employee Role" to browse the employee-facing storefront by following this LINK.

Please, contact us for more information regarding the powerful back-end options we offer your organization.

Nice Nurse

“Prior to Teamwear, the apparel ordering process was a time-consuming and frequently frustrating task.  Employees didn’t know where to go, so they had to ask HR for help.  HR spent countless hours each week keeping track of requests, orders, deliveries, and the associated invoices.  Every few weeks Accounts Payable got calls from the vendor about past due invoices.  With the Teamwear system now in place, all is well.  Employees place orders, deliveries are on time, invoices get processed promptly.  The reduction in frustration has made everyone’s jobs a little easier.”

Dave Luethy / Lutheran Senior Services / Director Of Procurement

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