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E-Commerce Solutions

If you are considering offering your employees company approved logoed apparel and promotional products, let us simplify the process for you.  We are offering to build you a free, simple to use website with e-commerce capabilities tailored to your organization's specific needs. Even if you already do this, talk to us about making it better and stress-free. Your employees and managers can order online 24 hours a day, and we handle all the logistics from processing to production, to shipping to your desired location(s). We can ship on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis while our state-of-the-art back-end reporting lets you track your costs and buying trends. If interested, talk to us about building you a fully functional demo site so you can see for yourself. No obligation, no pressure.  

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Our Stores

Our stores are sleek, simple, and easy to use. We can set yours up with any logoed garment styles and colors you desire. Employees can order and pay via CC, PayPal or payroll deductions, and department heads and HR personnel can place individual or bulk orders on PO terms. You control the levels of access, checkout capabilities, and back-end reporting thru "user roles" which you can assign yourself to each employee. We keep all your items in stock and work hard to ensure orders are processed and shipped on time, each and every time.  

Our Process

All orders entered online generate an auto invoice that is emailed instantly to the person entering the order, and optionally to their manager or whoever needs to know in the company, with the same hard copies and a summary included with the shipment when it goes out, separated by employee for ease of distribution. Optionally, we email them to your A/P and/or Payroll as needed for processing. The back-end reports help you easily keep track of your costs and ordering trends throughout the organization. You can see which office is ordering what, when and how much they're spending. See our testimonials section for more details... 

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Our Production

You're in great hands with TEAMwear! With well over 25 years in the printing and embroidery business, our team gets the job done right, every time. We screen print and embroider in-house to ensure high quality and great turnaround time. Our customer service is truly second to none.

The Next Step

Very simple, really! If interested, talk to us about building you a fully functional demo site so you can see for yourself, from the comfort of your own office. No obligation, no pressure, no cost to you at all. 

Thank you for reading! 


“Prior to Teamwear, the apparel ordering process was a time-consuming and frequently frustrating task.  Employees didn’t know where to go, so they had to ask HR for help.  HR spent countless hours each week keeping track of requests, orders, deliveries, and the associated invoices.  Every few weeks Accounts Payable got calls from the vendor about past due invoices.  With the Teamwear system now in place, all is well.  Employees place orders, deliveries are on time, invoices get processed promptly.  The reduction in frustration has made everyone’s jobs a little easier.”

Dave Luethy / Lutheran Senior Services / Director Of Procurement

It is so important for our teams to have an appearance that is representative of Lutheran Senior Services' image.  After working with other uniform services, we are lucky to work with a great partner like TeamWear.  We learned quickly how TeamWear embraces us as a partner and treats us exclusively as if we were their only customer.   Teamwear’s services go above and beyond in so many ways.  Often times I wonder how do they do it?  With LSS’s thousands of employees and multiple locations; their timeliness and responsiveness are beyond any experiences we have ever had with prior uniform services.  From their value to their customer service, I recommend TeamWear for your company’s needs. 

Garry Anderson / Lutheran Senior Services / Chief Operating Officer

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